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4 Crucial Tips on Remote Working for UK Estate Agents

April 20, 2020 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, remote working is now a common occurrence for many estate agencies – and a new one for most of us!

It’s business as usual at Oaklands – we continue to answer customer queries over the phone, email or video chat. And our remote working team remains connected through daily zoom meetings which help greatly with motivation and organisation – not forgetting our innovative virtual property valuations which are soon to be launched.

Whilst the prospect of remote working may seem daunting; you can continue to stay in touch with existing clients and attract new ones through digitally adapted communications and services just like we have. Once implemented, you will undoubtedly discover many benefits to remote working, and you’ll have an easier time bouncing back post-pandemic. Plus, you’ll emerge as a more digitally savvy estate agency!

Try these 4 crucial remote working tips:

Set up remote processes

Support your new remote working team by setting up these fundamental processes:

  • Divert calls to designated team members
  • Use a shared calendar – Google, Office 365 or Outlook
  • Communicate via video call – Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp.
  • Use a secure VPN to prevent data theft

With new tweaked systems in place, you can create a rota for incoming and outgoing calls, emails and customer liaising. This will ensure that all company queries are answered and important processes still flowing smoothly.

Create a new daily routine

Why not create a routine that compliments your new home/work life? Jot down all of your important daily tasks in a diary or notepad and start prioritising. To help you focus from the get-go, you can start working at the same time every day and dress ready for business!

Your daily tasks may include:

  • Video conferencing with your team
  • Taking your dog for a walk
  • Checking in with vendors
  • Washing the dishes

Additionally, you can set clear boundaries for your household – a simple closed door can kindly say “Do not disturb”. Or you could set up a makeshift office space in your spare bedroom or upstairs hallway to help you concentrate further.

Promote Virtual Viewings

With the UK government temporarily restricting property viewings, now is a great time to set up virtual video call viewings. Thus adhering to physical distancing protocols whilst continuing to show clients around properties.

You can also recommend that potential buyers and tenants browse property listings on your website, looking carefully at pictures and details. You’ll then be able to follow up by answering any queries regarding their chosen properties over the phone and send additional photos/videos over email if needed.

Be the local go-to helping hand

We can use this time to innovate by transforming ourselves into a helping hand for our local communities. Our team at Oakland Estates offer sound advice and encouragement for our tenants, landlords and sellers whilst working from home, as well as providing a helping hand to vulnerable locals. And you can do the same for your local community.

We deeply understand that it’s a difficult time for any estate agency – but we promise you that we’re in this together and we will come out stronger and more digitalised than ever before!

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