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Peacefully balancing homeschooling and working from home: headspace tips to home makeover ideas

January 29, 2021 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Many of us face a new reality of being a mash-up of homeschooler, working from home professional, and most importantly, a loving parent. So we’ve put together some pretty neat tips to help adopt more peacefulness, positivity, and productivity at home:

Peacefully balancing homeschooling and working from home

Sleeping well with some of the best plants for bedrooms

Gorgeous soporific bedroom plants for a quick home makeover?

Jasmine, lavender and gardenia exude relaxing fragrances that help calm nerves and encourage sleep. Golden Pothos and Peace Lily purify the air and grow well in low-light whilst cleansing your sinuses.

Starting your day the calm way

Diving into a busy homeschooling and working day — without relaxing your mindset and releasing any tension built up overnight — is all too common and completely understandable. Here are simple but effective morning relaxation techniques to try:

10 mins: When seated, take long, deep nostril breaths whilst focusing on relaxing your heart-space, back of the neck and hands. Allowing tension and any negative thoughts about the day ahead to flutter away like leaves in the wind.

15 mins: Drop into the “flow state” with Vipassana meditation. Lie down whilst mentally scanning and actively relaxing body parts individually, from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes.

A decluttered house = a decluttered mind

Piles of Tupperware and toys in nearly every corner; most parents face clutter on a daily basis. Start by tidying ten minutes a day, one task at a time. Donate clothes, toys, and organise galore. Trust countless tidy home advocates and us when we say organising just one drawer can leave you feeling elated!

Designating working and educational space

Gaining more concentration whilst working from home can come down to how comfortable you feel, rather than the area you’re working in. An ergonomic chair, desk tidy, and supportive mouse can make all the (productive) difference!

Designating a homeschooling space likewise allows your children to concentrate on their education comfortably. Why not redesign your outhouse or conservatory? Keep stationery, iPads etc closeby and plan your days out to save time and stay organised.

Creating homeschooling goals

How will children partake in physical activity? Which subjects need more attention? Developing homeschooling goals will help you determine what’s important to your family education-wise, keeping everyone peacefully on the same page.

Going on a virtual vacation

Taking a free family vacation without leaving your sofa… it’s possible! Flick on YouTube and explore vibrant dishes from around the world with Mark Weins or hop on board with the wanderlust-fueled Vagabrothers.

Staying active with family workouts

Instead of finding time away from kids to exercise, why not rope them in on the fun? Try Zumba for a dancing cardio workout. Limited space? Pilates is a must-try. It’s fantastic at building core strength, and you may end up doing a headstand sooner than you think!

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