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Why move to Ilford? Leading estate agents in Ilford reveal why people love this leafy London town

July 15, 2020 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Steeped in history, natural beauty, and charm. The vibrant town of Ilford has long been one of East London’s most prized cultural hubs, with Edwardian homes and quaint coffee shops. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t moved with the times. why-move-to-ilford-leading-estate-agents-in-ilford-reveal-why-people-love-this-leafy-london-town

In fact, a multitude of modern homes has popped up over recent years. Contemporary abodes that weave throughout an abundance of transport links, cosy boutiques, educational establishments, and gorgeous green spaces. That’s why it’s no surprise that many families and young professionals are attracted to the peaceful, connected lifestyle that Ilford offers.

Without further ado, here’s a quick look into some of the many reasons why Ilford can be your ideal new home, now or post-pandemic. 

Here are some views and ideas carefully selected by our experienced local estate agents in Ilford:

Endless natural green areas 

The London borough of Redbridge – where Ilford is the largest town – is one of London’s greenest boroughs, with 40% of its land area reserved for over 30 natural and open spaces!

A collection of green spaces that are great for de-stressing and staying healthy. Especially in a day and age when there’s a constant stream of pressing issues you could be dealing with. Well, it’s no doubt, a home that helps you balance your work-life balance perfectly.

You can enjoy days out social distancing with family at Ilford’s famed Valentines Park or take calm walks along the River Rosing that’s brimming with local bluebells and veteran trees. 

Convenient outer city living 

Ilford provides many luxuries that come with a suburban lifestyle. You can easily jump on one of the numerous transport links – such as the new Victoria line – to get to London Liverpool Street and neighbouring London underground stations in less than 15 minutes. Making a comfortable life with remarkable ease of access to countless amenities and local businesses effortless for commuters and families alike. 

Outer city living also boasts multiple benefits for your physical health and wellbeing. Just work towards your fitness goals with ease at parks and outdoor gyms that grace the quiet streets of Ilford. 

Relaxing balcony gardens and patio spaces

A study conducted by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors reveals that 81% of estate agents in Ilford and London predict an increase in demand for homes with balconies, gardens or patio spaces. This increase is showing now after the recent re-opening of the UK property market and the change in priorities towards more space – either outdoors or indoors – among buyers and renters in lockdown. So imagine the delight in finding a solution that combines both balcony and garden! 

Beautiful green balcony gardens

Balcony gardens are a great low maintenance alternative to traditional gardens and they adorn many affordable housing options in Ilford. They also hold unlimited benefits for your overall mental and physical wellbeing. You needn’t feel stuck at home when you have a personal at-home yet outdoor haven to enjoy every day. 

If you’re thinking of creating your own or would like to gather some inspiration for your new future home, a great way to begin is by incorporating comfy seating, a hammock or yoga cushions, alongside a few starter plants. Now you can unwind, meditate or read till your heart’s content, in your lovely balcony garden!

Need a property in Ilford? Let’s help you 

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy one of Ilford’s historic homes or perhaps one with more modern characteristics. There is sure to be property – or a few – that will suit your needs. Ilford can easily fulfil your desire for a peaceful and convenient life in lockdown and after.

Have we piqued your interest? Oakland Estates’ leading estate agents in Ilford can support you every step of the way throughout your move to Ilford. We’re available around the clock, so why not give us a no-obligation call on 0208 597 2626 or visit our contact us page to get things started? 

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